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  • Have antibiotic changes upped heart infections?

    "Rates of a deadly heart infection have increased after guidelines advised against giving antibiotics to prevent it in patients at risk," BBC News reports. But there is no evidence of a direct link between the two.

    In 2008, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) produced guidelines regarding the use of antibiotics to prevent infective endocarditis – a potentially fatal infection of the lining of the heart that comes after bloodstream infection.

    Prior to this guidance, common practice was to give antibiotics as a preventative measure to patients undergoing invasive procedures who were at increased risk of infective endocarditis (for example, patients with certain heart conditions).

    In the 2008 guidance, NICE recommended that people undergoing dental or invasive surgical procedures were no longer given antibiotics as prevention for endocarditis, as the overall risks outweighed the benefits. Continue reading