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Use Our new, quick and effective service to send us your repeat prescription request.


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We dispense both NHS and Private Prescriptions. We shall not be beaten on the price of private prescriptions. Use the enquiry form to request a quote or ring us for a no obligation quote.

We offer a FREE DELIVERY SERVICE for prescriptions or counter medicines to all of Wellingborough addresses and also deliver up to Finedon, Earls Barton, Little Harrowden, Great Doddington, Great Harrowden, Mears Ashby, Irchester, Wollaston, Bozeat, and Grendon.

Repeat Prescription Service

We offer a unique prescription collection service across all the participating surgeries in Wellingborough. This saves the patient/carer repeated journeys to the surgery to drop the repeat prescription request, queue up to collect the prescription, and then come to the pharmacy and wait whilst its being dispensed.

To sign up to our unique collection service, please pop in to the pharmacy with your Repeat Prescription Form (white copy) and sign our consent form to register to the service. We take care of ordering and collecting the prescription from the surgery and more importantly your medicines are ready waiting for you in store with no items outstanding as the medicines in short supply would already have been procured in advance. We can also have your prescription delivered to you at home or your work place absolutely FREE DELIVERY SERVICE at an agreed time!

Monitored dosage systems

We can provide a monitored dosage system to patients who are struggling to take their medication on time. The medicines are sorted in a weekly tray arranged at the relevant times as to when the medication should be taken. The pharmacist will assess the patient in need of the compliance aid or your doctor can make a request for a dossette tray. Our colourful trays are provided by MARsoftware Ltd and the colours make a great impact in engaging the patient and enabling them to be more compliant with their medication.

We can also provide a medication profile chart that would list the patient’s medication, the look of the medication, what the medication is prescribed for and when to take the medication.

Flu jabs

Don’t let flu floor you this winter! Our trained pharmacist will offer you a private flu jab for just £10 this winter season. Exclusion criteria apply. There is no need to book an appointment. Just walk in and ask to speak to the pharmacist.

Private consultation area

We have a private consultation area where the pharmacist and patient can sit down and discuss in private any health concerns or advice on conditions or medicines.

Disposal of unwanted medicines

We can dispose any unused or unwanted medicines (except needles) safely.

Medication use reviews and New Medicines Service

A Medicines use review is an opportunity for the patient to sit down with the pharmacist and have a face to face consultation about the patient’s medication. The aim is to make sure the patient understands why they are taking the medication, identify any problems the patient is facing and answer any queries. No change in medication happens, however recommendations can be made to the GP to consider making. This is an absolutely FREE service with no time limit, however the patient needs to be using the pharmacy for a minimum of three months consecutively.

The New Medicines service is a new service that the pharmacist provides to any patient with long term conditions newly prescribed a medicine to help improve medicines adherence. It is focussed on patient groups with Asthma or COPD, Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension or on Antiplatelet/anticoagulant therapy. The main aim of the service is to improve patient adherence, increase patient engagement with their condition and medicines, reduce medicines wastage and reduce hospital admissions due to adverse effects from medicines.

Emergency Hormonal Contraception

Our pharmacist can provide Emergency Hormonal contraception (“morning after pill”) without any appointment. It is effective for up to 72 hours after unprotected intercourse though it is more effective the earlier it is taken.

The tablet is also available free of charge to patients under the age of 25 under a local patient group direction subject to a consultation to determine eligibility for treatment. As part of the service we can also provide Chlamydia test kits and provide treatment if tested positive for Chlamydia.

Nursing and Residential Care Homes

We provide services to care homes. We offer the MARSoft blisters and MAR charts which are considered to achieve the highest level of compliance of any medication management system available. The system has colour coded labelling, and full colour MAR charts with patient photos all designed to reduce medication errors and simplify drug rounds. To get a demonstration or arrange a meeting, please contact the pharmacy on 01933 273373 and ask for Ritesh Gokani.

Other services

Our pharmacist and trained staff can provide advice and recommend suitable products for the following:

1. PGD for erectile dysfunction

2. Weight loss advice

3. Compression hosiery and Truss measurement and fitting

4. Travel and vaccination advice

5. Free blood pressure measurement

6. Promotion of healthy lifestyle and support for self care

7. Signposting to other NHS services

8. Vitamins and Supplements.

9. Supply of stoma/incontinence aids

10. First aid products

11. Support bandages

12. Veterinary medicines

13. NHS Gluten Free foods supply